Ultimate quads and hamstrings workout

Ultimate quads and hamstrings workout

By Josh Bryant

Crush the norm and do away with the comfortable with this man-making, thigh-swelling routine. Only the dedicated need apply.

The hamstrings have two functions: flexion of the knee and extension of the hips. Romanian deadlifts work primarily hip extension and leg curls work knee flexion. The glute-ham raise attacks both functions in one exercise.

Hamstrings are a predominantly fast-twitch muscle and respond very well to low reps. That’s why most bodybuilders have poor hamstring development compared to quads – the best hamstrings are seen on Olympic lifters and sprinters who train explosively in short bursts.

All three exercises in this giant set (or tri-set) will be performed for sets of six reps. Rest 10 seconds between exercises. The giant set works by attacking all functions of the hamstrings in a fatigued state, recruiting the widest pool of motor unit and catalyzing the biggest increases in hypertrophy.

The rest interval is two minutes between giant sets, for a total of three giant, hamstring-wrecking sets. Each one should be as heavy as possible while maintaining great form. You will have to lower weight each giant set and that’s okay – good reps are more important than weight, particularly when it comes to your hamstrings.

Sissy squats are a forgotten bodyweight exercise that have contributed to many championship sets of quads. Alone, these are difficult but supersetted with leg extensions they are real life quadriceps Hades!

For sissy squats, perform 15 repetitions followed immediately by a tough 30 repetitions on the leg extension. Each set of leg extensions should require a maximum effort without sacrificing form. Do three supersets with a two-minute rest interval between sets.

You don’t always get what you wish for. You get what you train for! This routine maximizes your results with your give maximum effort.


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